Friday, 20 April 2012

Nailed it! Or did I?

I love nail varnish. But does it love me? I’m never really sure. I take my time, First I do a under coat. Then I do about two coats of the colour I want. Its really depends on the colour or brand whether it needs a third coat. And then I do A top coat. It looks great for about a day and then it slowly goes down hill chip by chip. Of course then I just have to take it of straight away because there is nothing worse then chipped nail varnish.

And even still I take a little time to put a little varnish on and even if it only lasts a day, I take pleasure in it.
Colours are my guilty pleasures I love colour then brighter the better. I find that even on the greyish days a bit of colour on your nails does your mood so much good, well a little anyway, Its not magic it can’t solve everything but it can help! Right now I’m into pinks, oranges and you know what some nudes as well.
My favourite brands range from affordable to not so affordable. From Catrice to Chanel to Barry M.

Sometimes if I’m feeling flush or just want to treat myself I take myself down and get my nails done. General if I’m going to treat myself I get the two weeks shellac. This normally lasts me around three weeks depending on growth. I love the look and the place where I go have some really lovely colours. I have a few favourite colours, which I normally stick too. When I get this done my hands look girly and to be honest I don’t have girly hands. I have piano fingers as my grandmother used to say to me. She was being kind because there just long and manly in no way girly!

Catrice Utli Mate Nudes 030 My Café Au Lait Notre-Dame

I use a Clear Hardening Varnish for underneath
And I use a Marks and Spencer's Top Shine for on top.

This is an OPI Strawberry Margarita


  1. love the catrice nude its gorgeous, i have never heard of catrice will have to see if i can get hold of some x

    1. Where are you living? Ireland? I got mine in Dunes they had a Catrice Display! Let me know how you get on finding it and if you can't i'll see what I can do for you.

  2. At leasst you have a descent sized nail bed. I have the tiniest nails and fat fingers! Nail polish is like a butterfly, doesn't stay long, but revel in its prettiness while you can. A matte top coat helps the wear of it, and you can gloss over it if you want the shine

    1. I am lucky with my nail bed, although they tend to break when they get a little long but sure I can't complain. I'll keep an eye out for a nice matte top coat thanks for the tip ;) And I just had a look at a few of your posts you do not have fat fingers janey mac!