Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day!

So today is Father's day here in Ireland. My family decided to celebrate it in my sister's house as she had just gotten her husband a brand new spanking BBQ so of course it had to be broken in. So my sister was doing food, my job was to look after the cake. This lands on me for most birthdays and celebrations occasions. I don't mind this at all, as I don't get to bake very much anymore work being to busy and other things getting in the way. So when I have occasion to bake I'm pretty happy.

As it's father's day that would usually mean I'd ask my dad what cake he would like, however my sister gets in first with "Elle why don't you make an Ice-cream Cake!"  EK! I make one Ice-cream cake a year. Every time I make one I realise why I only make one a year. By the time it comes around to make another I've forgotten about how much a pain in the ass they are to make ha-ha Melted Ice-Cream is so messy and sticky!

Anyway I said sure why not its a BBQ, Its supposed to be Summer lets do this.

So I used a chocolate cake Recipe I've posted before here. But you can use any Chocolate cake recipe.

And then also I made the same frosting as here. Its a chocolate Fudge frosting and I have to say I tend to use it quiet a lot. If a recipe has chocolate frosting on it, I'll use this one ever time hands down and I think what makes it hands down delicious ever time is that I use good cocoa Powder. 

The Ice-cream part is so easy basically get your favourite ice-cream you prob need about 4 containers of ice-cream. I used a mixture of Vanilla and chocolate. I also used Aldi's finest. I love the ice-cream from Aldi. Take it out of the freezer let it melt half way and then bang it all into your mixer and mix it together. Now you need a good mixer for this if you have a small mixer I wouldn't use it it might not be powerful enough. Just do it the old fashion way. Mix it by hand.

Then put it into a baking tin that the bottom come out so it will be easier for you to get your ice cream out later. Also make sure the baking tin is around the same size as the tins you baked the chocolate cake in. Put it into your freezer till its time to use.

Now because I put this all together in my sisters house I had to put everything in there separate storage containers and bring everything down to her house. It was a pain in the ass haha but I think it was worth is in the end the cake was definitely a success. When I was putting everything together I melted the Frosting a little in the microwave and then drizzled it over the cake so it ran down  the sides. I have to say this cake tasted divine. It was worth the messiness. At one point I had to push it back up on top of each other ha-ha

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