Monday, 9 June 2014

Essence Summer

Well its been to long and I've decided to get back on the blogger band waggon. I'm excited about this. Especially since its coming or should I say where in the Summer season. Of late I've been buying up a storm and I'm excited to share with you fine peeps out there what I've purchased and also what i;m thinking about said purchases.

First up Is Essence. I'm going to be honest I haven't bought much in this range before. But I've been hearing good things of late so decided to get on the band waggon. And what a great way to start is by purchasing some lip glosses and A blush. I'm addicted to blush so this is a good test run for me.  

Essence was launched in Germany in 2002  and is sold in 60 Countries. Essence also does not test on animals. Its also a very affordable brand. 

The lip glosses are Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss 25 Bright Side Of Life and Essence XXXL Long lasting Lip Gloss 4 I Love pink. They both Smell define. 

Bright Side of Life smells so good you want to eat it ha-ha but seriously its smells so good. The colour is a nice tint of coral and I think its my favourite of the two. Its not as glossy as I love Pink but i can deal with that.

I Love Pink smells so good and gives a nice light pink shine on your lips but its not brilliant colour so i wouldn't buy it if your looking for a in your face pink colour but if your looking for something slight then its perfect.

I also Purchased the Essence Blush Up Powder blush 10 Heat Wave. I get very excited when it comes to blush. I'm rarely disappointed with a blush. Unless of course the blush doesn't come out like it looks. This blush did not disappoint. Its fab, love it. It looks so summery and that's what it came out like. I'm in love with this blush totally recommend it. Wore it to work today and last the day that in my book is a sign of good things!

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