Monday, 16 April 2012

What's A Girl To Do?

What's a girl to do? This weather is playing havoc with my lips and hands to very important parts of my body! ;) One minute its raining the next its sunny. Is the weather ever going to settle into summer once and for all! Knowing my luck the answer to that question is "Hell No!" To add to problems I work in a library and books, paper prove to be accurate drains all the moisture from our skin.

My Lips have been so so dry and I have been trying my best to do what ever possible to repair them. I got a great tip from a woman who worked at the Elizabeth Arden counter in boots on how to exfoliate your lips. You get a Soft toothbrush and a wet it a little and brush it over your lips for a few minutes ever second night. And when finished Put a dab of Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream on before bed. By the end of the week and just in time for the weekend your lips with be pooty perfect! I use the Eight hour cream as a lip balm, its amazing if you can get over the smell, which I of course did years ago and have never looked back. An Eight hour cream costs 31.00 Euro. I know I know expensive lip cream you say?! However here is Eight great ways to use Eight hour cream....

1. Alleviate dry skin. 

2. Great gloss for lips. 
3. Highlight eyelids, cheeks and shoulders. 
4. For after shaving or waxing. 
5. Shape brows into place. 
6. Soften rough, dry cuticles. 
7. Antidote for rough heels and soles. 
8. Best in-flight moisture booster.

So the last few weeks I have been using whatever hand cream is to hand. I have my favourite of course but I'm not fussy when you need some hand cream ya need some hand cream. The first is Soap and Glory Hand food and it came with a hand soap also. Its not going to break the bank. And it smells pretty good like all Soap and Glory products. I got this as a free gift in Boots at christmas, so not 100% how much this set costs. But a hand cream on its own will cost around 5 euro.

The second is Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Its actually a body cream but i only use it on my hands. Its Expensive but its so worth it as its smells so good and your hands are like silk after using it a few times.
I love love love this one. This is priced at a whopper 17.95 euro. I think i got mine in the outlet so it would have been a little cheaper.

And last but not least, My number one favourite is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hand cream. If you have never tried it, get on with it. It doesn't have the smell like the original eight hour cream. You use it once a day and you will see the benefit of it. Where some other creams you need to load up on it a few times a day, this one is you really only need to use once a day. However I usually indulge and use it a few times if I can remember that is. This is priced a 20.80 but so worth it as you only need a little pea size and will last you ages.

I hope this has helped you folk out there who are having the same problems as myself ;)


  1. Am definitely going to try the toothbrush trick. Love Molton Brown stuff too, Elle, and you can usually get a pretty good deal in their outlet :-)

    1. To be honest Lucy I don't think i could afford to be getting it any place else other then the outlet its a lot cheaper out there. But I do have a soft spot for it. Although nothing beats the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour hand cream its to die for!