Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Delight

Its Easter, yes its Chocolate time haha This week a few things happened one being my food processor's motor burnt out. I was making pizza dough for good Friday poker night with the family. I finished the dough of by hand, my muscles are now slightly bigger hehe Anyway I was gutted. So i went out today with my mother and we picked out a new one.

So many shiny parts, I didn't know what to use first!

I decided some Easter Buns would be a good first work out for work out for my new food processor. These are extremely easy to make, I've been making them since I was a kid with my mother and we all used to fight over licking the bowl at the end. 

Easter Buns 
14 oz Self Raising Flour
8oz Caster Sugar
8oz Butter/Margarine
4 Medium Eggs
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
A few drops of orange food Colouring
A few drops of Orange Essence

Preheat the oven at a medium heat. 
This recipe will make 24 buns 
6oz icing sugar
2/3 tablespoons of water
A Drop of Orange essence
A drop of Orange food Colouring

Whatever Decorations take your fancy 

 Beat the Butter and Sugar together.
Fold in the eggs, and the add Flour spoon by spoon

Add Vanilla and orange Essene. And then add the food colouring. Use as much or little as you want. Depending on the colour you want your buns to be. 

This mixture will make 24 buns, Put into the oven for 15-20 Minutes. You know they are cooked when they are golden and raised.

 While your buns are cooking haha get your icing sugar and water. Be careful with the water add only a little at a time, you don;t want it to runny. Beat it into the icing sugar with a spoon. 

Add the Colouring and the Essence 

 Until its the Colour and taste you want it
Put the buns on a cooling wire and when they are completely cooled down. And then ice them with as much or as little cing as you would like.

Now for some Chocolate Bunnies.
I bought these fab moulds on ebay They have a good range of them.
You can use whatever chocolate takes your fancy, Put what ever else takes your fancy into them. I used Dairy milk Chocolate, White chocolate and Marshmallows.

 I melt the Chocolate in the microwave, the trick is to do it slowly and take it out ever minute and give it a good mix. Do not let it burn, this can happen very quickly so keep an eye on it. 

This is really messy so make sure your hands are clean, You will need to use your hands.

Put them into the fridge for an hour and they should just pop out.

I made these for my family this year instead of buying Easter eggs. They don't look perfect but then home made is not always going to look perfect and that's what I like about these. They taste amazing. 

Have a Happy Easter, I hope you all have an amazing day with your family.


  1. Looks delish! My kids would love these.

    1. Ah its chocolate all kids like chocolate even big kids ;)

      Thanks for following ;)

  2. This looks great. Again, I love your pictured step by step instructions. The little chicks you added on the buns are adorable. And the molds you got on Ebay for the chocolate are perfect.

  3. New Follower and boy am I glad I am! This looks so good...*must not give in* LoL.

    Congrats on getting a new mixer, I love new shiny parts too! New toys are always fun to play with.

    Anyways can't wait to continue to follow you, might have to try some of these out myself...Here's my own blog if your interested in checking it out:

  4. Thanks Lacey i'm now following your blog under elle ;)

  5. Wooooooow those chocolate bunnies look so good! I wish I could bake as well as you do :( All my recipes turn out like...funny. Unless I use the pre-made cake mix straight from the box. Awesome blog, and great tutorial.

    1. Thanks so much your very kind!
      The Choc bunnies where really good and went down a treat with my family this year. I will defo be doing it again next year.

  6. I love the chocolate bunnies..They are delicious..!!!

  7. Wow this looks all very very delicious!! I love baking myself :) And oohh my what a NICE food processor! I would like one just like it! Such great suggestions, I will really try them once I am in my new kitchen ;)!

    1. Oh new kitchen?! that sounds exciting what are your plans?

      My new Food Processor is fab and its also much quicker then my last one!