Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Reclaimed (Angel's Halo MC #4) by Terri Anne Browning

Reclaimed (Angel's Halo MC #4)

Felicity Bolton finally feels like she has moved on with her life. She misses her friends and family back in Creswell Springs, but now she has new friends—a new family. She has found the peace that she lost the night she lost her unborn child. She would do anything to protect her newfound family, even if that meant facing the devil himself. 

The minute Jet Hannigan walks back into her life that’s exactly what she has to do. 

Jet Hannigan is officially a free man. With his parole lifted he can finally do what he's been aching to do, go after the only woman who will ever own his heart. He's known where she is for months and has been impatiently waiting for the day he could reclaim her. What he wasn't excepting was to have to pull out the big guns and blackmail her into returning to Creswell Springs with him. With everything going on with Flick's boss, and the media circus surrounding the chaos, Jet thought the safest place for her was home where he and his brothers could protect her. 

Instead he brings her home to a war zone. 

5 Biker Stars on Goodreads Read  from January 18 to 19, 2016

I love me some Terri Anne Browning books. I just eat them up.

This book was no different I loved reading Jet and Flicks story I'd been waiting for this one and it didn't disappoint!

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