Monday, 21 July 2014

S.W. Basics

S.W. Basics is a Brooklyn based skincare brand that uses only natural and organic ingredients.
At S.W. Basics, they make their products from scratch using only whole, high-potency ingredients. For us, less isn’t just more; less is everything. They've found that if they stick with only absolutely essential ingredients and don’t add a bunch of extra stuff, they don’t need to put a hundred things into their products. Using fewer ingredients means more potent skincare. They don’t water it down with cheap synthetics or exotic fillers. It also means that their products are more likely to be safe even on the most sensitive skin. That’s why everything they sell only has 5 ingredients or less. And they still make you look amazing and smell pretty.

A simple but effective trio of wild-harvested Shea Butter, from a Fair Trade Women's Cooperative in Ghana is mixed with Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Extra-Virgin Oliver Oil. By narrowing down ingredients, there is less chance of irritation on sensitive skin.

Basics Certified Organic Lip Balms to soak in and heal without leaving behind any leftover stuff. And since they use only the absolutely essential ingredients for all of our products, there’s nothing going on your mouth that shouldn’t be going in your mouth.
S.W. Basics Body Oil is a great way to quickly lock in moisture and keep it there all day long because it's made with three of the most superpowered oils out there: grapeseed, avocado, and sesame...and that's it! It's light enough to soak in deep and heavy enough to get the job done.
Another thing they take really seriously is the sourcing of their ingredients. They want their products to be as healthy for their communities and our planet as they are for their customers. That’s why they support sustainable agriculture by buying only from organic, Fair Trade, or small-farm sources.

You can buy the S.W. Basics range here. Their prices start £12.00. The delivery price to Ireland is high at £12.00 but if you use Parcel Motel works out much cheaper.
Or you can go to the international Website for S.W Bacis


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