Sunday, 15 December 2013

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things!

I was just thinking today about some of the things I've purchased this year and some of the amazing things I've come across that I could probably live without but it would be damn hard. Year to year we come across some amazing things and I just wanted to share some with you lovely people "Pay it Forward" an all that. I picked ten I could have picked a lot more but I held myself back.

1. My Kindle Hd Fire, My lovely boyfriend bought me this for Christmas last year and I know technically it was last year but it was the very end of last year so I'm counting it as this year. I never thought I could get into reading on a tablet type thing and i though maybe I'll give it a go! Well Jeanie Mac I'm addicted. I find it easier to read and also I've found I've read a hell-of-alot more this year. If Goodreads is to be believed, which I try update ever few days, I read 68 books in 2012. That's 1.30 books a week. And in 2013 so far I've read 101 books. That's 2.02 books a week not including the last two weeks that are left of the year! Anyway as you can see I've read a lot more! Even though at times I would like to read more but alas life and work get in the way of that I have noticed that I watch less TV of late so that gives me more time to read. I also like that you can see the books covers in colour and i can check my Facebook and Goodreads as well.

2. Verso kindle cover that makes your kindle look like an old book. You have a few different options and they look really cool and fit right into your book case. It also is great at keeping your kindle safe from all things bad that might want to hurt it  :)

3. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint Sunscreen SPF 15 they come in all types of tint colour and protect your lips, FAB! The Plum Colour tint is my favourite. Gives a nice tint to your lips and also protects and moisturises your lips.

4. Chalkboard paint, who knew it could come in handy in so many ways!

5.Real Techniques Sponge is a real favourite buy this year as well as being very affordable it was great to use. The rounded sides blend large areas with a repeated dabbing or stippling motion.The precision tip will cover blemishes and imperfections and the Flat edge is great for contours around the eyes and nose.

6. Glasses. Yes Glasses I love to look out for funky cool ones and generally I’ll only buy two of them. I like them to mix and match. I love stemless wine glasses I find drinking red wine from them is great as while you’re holding the glass it’s keeping your wine at the right temperature to drink. I also got really into mason jars this year. They are way too expensive to buy from America where the choice is so large so I went around Dublin looking for ones that would look similar I found some great ones made by Kilner.

9.Avon Advances 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Leave in Treatment. This Nourishing serum is suitable for all hair types and for use on wet or dry hair. It gives an instant shine and smooth finish. Its weightless and leaves no residue. It also has Vitamin E in it. I find if I use this once or twice a week on the ends of my hair it really keeps the ends in great condition.

8.DIOR ADDICT Lipstick  These Lipsticks feel so good on your lips and give a high impact and vibrant colour and I love them! There is so many colours to choice from and if you’re feeling flush there are lip glosses to match each colour. 983 Insoumise 433 Delice

9.Sleek Makeup Blush Antique. I love Sleek and when I saw this new range come out I bought it straight away. I’m loving these colours this season. I was not disappointed. This Dusty Rose tone has subtle glittery silver and gives an elegant glow. Its long lasting easily lasting all day long. As you can see from my picture mine is well used :) I also purchased the i-Divine Pallet that went with it and LOVE it!

10. Statement NecklacesI have bought a few this year, I love them I think they can make an outfit. A plain black dress can but funked up by just popping a cool necklace on. These are two of my favourite. Actually I had a favourite one but it broke on a night out and I was pretty upset about it.

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