Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hello Again

Its been a long while and I've let things go around here. But I'm hoping to change that.
Life sometimes tends to get in the way and I let them get in the way instead of setting a little time aside to update here a few times a week. I tend to read my book instead as there is not enough time in the day to read in my opinion.

Books I've been reading recently, Hmm well I've not been keeping to one genre I've been shaking ti up and getting a little Romance and a Little Paranormal and so on...

A series I have just recently started to read the Deirdre Martin New York Blades Series and I've been liking it. Although I did take a break after the first two. Deirdre Martin is making a name for herself writing about the love lives of hockey players and their intimate circles.

The first one in the series is Body Check.

Janna MacNeil is a publicist on a mission—to change the image of the bad boys of hockey: the Stanley Cup Champion New York Blades.

Ty Gallagher is a captain on a mission—to get his team to win the Cup again…at any cost. His determination is legendary, as well as his unwillingness to toe the corporate line.

When the persistent publicist and the stubborn captain butt heads, it’s hard enough to crack the ice. But they may end up melting it instead…

Janna MacNeil is a publicist newly hired for the New York Blades hockey team. She's a bit nervous as she's never done PR for a sports team and doesn't know much about hockey. The new owners of the team want her to "spruce up" the reputation of the rowdy team, starting with their captain, Ty Gallagher. Ty is a great player, focused solely on the game. He doesn't care about corporate and all the PR stuff that goes with the sport. Things are not off to a great start; after Jane's first meeting with Ty, she promptly goes into the ladies room and throws up!

Ty is not immune to Jane's sparkle and personality. After a faux-pas involving a charity dinner and her sister, things start to heat up between Jane and Ty, but they've got to keep it on the DL for professional reasons. Of course things don't go smoothly and there is plenty of drama to keep things moving. There are several side stories, Jane's roommate Theressa has some problems, Jane has family issues, Ty's inability to focus on anything but winning the Stanlely Cup....it all blends into a great story!

I really enjoyed this first book in the series. Janna was a very likable leading lady and You just wanted to Love Ty Gallagher. I gave this book 4 stars out of 5 on Goodreads. I raced on to the Second Book in the series which is Fair Play and Tells Theresa's story.

Theresa Falconetti has it all: brains, beauty, a quick wit, and her own PR business. To the Deep disappointment of her large family, she never dates Italians, men from her old Brooklyn neighbourhood, or professional athletes. Especially not athletes...

Michael Dante, popular hometown hero and winger for the Stanley Cup champion New York Blades is all three—and he is head over heels for her.

For Michael, Theresa's NO HOCKEY PLAYERS rule is a check to the heart. Nothing he does seems to melt her resolve. His stubborn refusal to give up on this wisecracking brunette, who—he knows—is hiding from her roots, is driving them both nuts. And when he hires her to publicise his family's restaurant, more than the kitchen heats up. Then Theresa finds herself an Upper East Side kind of guy and Micheal is forced to take his game to the next level.


I'll definitely be reading on in this series.

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